I read and review mysteries/thrillers/suspense, espionage/spy stories, historical mysteries, and crime non-fiction.

I will accept ARCs from publishers and authors.

I will not accept self-published works.

I will accept books from published authors who have re-formatted their books for the Kindle or who have written a book specifically for the Kindle.

If I do not like a book I will not post a review.  All my reviews are positive.  Reading tastes are personal and I would not want to discourage someone from reading a book because it isn’t to my taste.

Reviews will be posted as soon as possible, generally in the order in which they are received.  Most of the books I review are from the public library, so due dates have to be considered.

***Many of the ARCs I receive will not be published for a few months.  In those cases, I post the review in the same week as publication.

*****If a book is the latest in a series, I will offer a summary of the earlier books in a post before the review.  If I have posted a review of a previous book or books in a series, I will re-post those reviews to encourage readers to discover the series or, at least, to have some context for the newest book.

*******On occasion, I receive published books.  Those are reviewed in order of delivery.

**********The reviews I post are written by me.  I received an email from a publishing house asking to have the book passed on to one of my reviewers.  I am a one-person operation except for the times when the bones of the blog require some tweaking.  The tweaker-in-chief is my daughter who also answers to blog master when I need something done that I am technically incapable of accomplishing.

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