In an interview, Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse mysteries, confessed that he had committed 73 murders in Oxford, England, far more than the actual number of murders in the town.  His weapon was a typewriter; now the weapon is more likely to be a laptop.  Perhaps someday a doctoral student will attempt to write a thesis on how many murders have been planned and executed by mystery writers but, fortunately for those of us who love mysteries, there will never be a finite number. Mystery fans visit Stop You’re Killing Me, pen in hand and notebook at the ready, to write down the titles of books and the dates they are being published.  There can never be too many mysteries on the “to be read” list.

There are many types of mysteries – procedurals, cosies, espionage, thrillers, and suspense. There are police investigators, private investigators, amateurs, doctors, lawyers, writers, scientists, and academics who solve crimes to the satisfaction of the readers.  The options and opportunities for great reading in the mystery genre are endless and I am very grateful for that.

A few months ago, one of my favorite writers mentioned that reviews on bookseller sites and on blogs have some influence with publishers.  So… thus begins Murder by Type.

The purpose of the blog is to bring attention to wonderful writers who are undervalued and who deserve a far wider readership.  I look forward to reading reviews posted on this blog by people who have discovered treasures on bookshelves, and to comments that lead to a discussion of the books that are enjoyed so much.

There are two addresses by which you can reach me with comments and with reviews you would like to have posted on the blog.

– Beth (murderblog – AT- yahoo)



5 Responses to About

  1. lisa Baker says:

    Love the blog! Thanks

  2. Irwin Moss says:

    New to the site by way of Amazon group very high recommendation. I am a reader, not an author; haven’t reviewed enough books to call myself a reviewer/critic.

    • Beth says:

      Irwin, I am glad that you are coming to the blog regularly. I am also a reader and I am not an author, either. My daughter set up the blog so I could put down my impressions of the books, all mysteries, that I enjoy so much. This a place where I mention books and authors I enjoy and hope that someone who reads the blog will try an author they haven’t been introduced to yet.

      • Irwin Moss says:

        Dear Beth. Thank you for your note. Actually it is “karma,” as it was inadvertent on my part. (Nothing personal. 🙂 ) I was trolling around trying to find out how one comments or adds to the site if one is NOT commenting or replying, but rather initiating. Any help? I don’t mind (perhaps prefer at least at the beginning) if you use my email. I am not sure how this site works and I know that I cannot subscribe to all/so many blogs.

        I live in LA/CA Pacific Coast Time. Am a long time reader of mystery-detective lit and such.


        irwin aka mooseman01

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