THE OTHER WOMAN – Hank Phillippi Ryan (Reviewed by Gloria/Ted Feit)

There is more than one “Other Woman” in this new novel by HankRyan [following her 2010 “Drive Time,” the fourth in theterrific Charlotte McNally series].  This time she introduces a new

female journalist, Jane Ryland.  For Jane, the other woman she is
trying to track down is the one she suspects of being the paramour of
Owen Lassiter, the political Golden Boy, charismatic former Governor
and current candidate for Senate, in whose life there is, perhaps,
more than one “other woman.”  For Jane’s not-quite-significant other,
Detective Jake Brogan, of the Boston PD, the “other woman” is the one
whose dead body is discovered [on page one], the second in a week
found in the river, under one of Boston’s bridges, with nothing to
identify her: no ID, not even a pair of shoes, for the police to work
with.  The tabloids have of course dubbed the women as victims of The
Bridge Killer, though the police vehemently deny that a serial killer
is in their midst.  And there will be more “other women” before this
tale is through.Jane’s personal backstory plays an important part in the plot: an
award-winning investigative tv reporter, when she refuses to give up
her source on a scandalous piece she did about a married businessman
magnate who patronized a prostitute, she and the tv station for which
she covered the story are found guilty in the ensuing defamation
lawsuit, a million-dollar verdict the result.  She is, of course,
promptly fired, although she soon manages to get a job as a reporter
on a Boston paper.  On the romantic front, she and Jake find that
their respective professional obligations make any relationship
difficult, at best.Other bodies turn up, and the ‘serial killer’ theory harder to deny.
The political story as well is a tough one for Jane to uncover.  There
are a couple of females who could be described as potential stalkers,
their motives unclear.  But who was the real threat?  And who the
killer?  The author sleekly weaves together several threads, with
corresponding and changing pov, each time leaving the reader with
mini-cliffhangers, and building the suspense to the point that this
reader was racing through the pages in the final third of the book.Ms. Ryan’s bona fides in writing about a media reporter turned print
journalist, involved in a political fray, are hard-won:  She is a
multiple-Emmy-Award-winning reporter on Boston’s NBC affiliate and
former US Senate staffer and political campaign aide, and her
credentials are evident on every page.  I found this a terrific summer
read, and it is highly recommended.
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