Due to my continued inability to understand the hows of posting, when I previewed the post, it all became a column on the right side of the page.  My technical crew is unavailable.  As I type this, they are at the Bruce Springsteen concert.  Bruce and I are the same age.  I tell them to get their own music.

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  1. ROFL, Beth.

    Not only that they should get their own music, they should get it on their own time, not yours. Not when they’re needed elsewhere.

    • Beth says:

      One of my daughters came from New York City to attend the concert with her siblings. They are very different personalities but they like the same music, the same movies, and the same books. My son touched a few keys and all was fixed.

  2. Valerie says:

    Not long ago, my husband took our daughters to a Doo Wop concert and one of the singers was amazed that thirty-something Daughter #1 knew about Jackie Wilson.

    I try to imagine myself going to a Jeanette McDonald & Nelson Eddy concert with my parents (or to imagine my parents even going to a pop music concert) but it doesn’t work.

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