Being from Massachusetts…………

I am no rfan of Mitt Romney.  Democrat or Republican, Romney is interested in the 1% and only the top 1%.  He may be devoted to his faith and his family but he is not devoted to improving the conditions of the working class or the middle class.

Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist wrote this:

“Just to be clear, outsourcing is only one source of the huge disconnect between a tiny elite and ordinary American workers, a disconnect that has been growing for more than 30 years. And Bain, in turn, was only one player in the growth of outsourcing. So Mitt Romney didn’t personally, single-handedly, destroy the middle-class society we used to have. He was, however, an enthusiastic and very well remunerated participant in the process of destruction; if Bain got involved with your company, one way or another, the odds were pretty good that even if your job survived you ended up with lower pay and diminished benefits.”

The full article is available on the New York times edition of July 5.

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4 Responses to Being from Massachusetts…………

  1. Maxine says:

    it’s getting just as bad here in the UK, with our elite public-school, rich boy government politicians, in cahoots with the banks and the media….sigh. Nobody cares about the ordinary working people who are squeezed, or derided for being “middle class” (ie worked all their lives to scrape together a pension so they are not a drain on the state when old and to provide for their children).

    • Beth says:

      It is frustrating that people aren’t able to see that the Republican party will not help any class that doesn’t have money.

  2. Joe Barone says:

    I appreciate this post. I am not a fan of Mitt Romney’s either.

  3. Beth says:

    Given the difficulties the working and middle classes are dealing with, I don’t understand why anyone in either group are supporting him.

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