Today is the second anniversary of Murder By Type. The purpose of the blog is to introduce authors who don’t get publicity help from their publishers to the attention of mystery fans who can never have too many books to read.

The first book reviewed was Cara Black’s MURDER IN THE PALAIS ROYAL. Since then another 622 posts have been added.  I am very grateful to the authors who post on their blog Murder Is Everywhere who allow me to borrow their work and, by doing so, vastly improve the quality of mine.

There have been 1267 comments on the posts and, shockingly from my point of view, the blog has had 75,282 views.  When my daughter set it up, neither of us thought anyone would be able to find it.  A sitemeter on the blog reminds me that www really means world wide web.

Thank you to all who come by everyday and thank you to all who find the blog when tracking a book.  There is no way I can know if the blog is encouraging people to purchase any of the books reviewed or to request that their local libraries purchase the books of an author they discovered.  That has been the goal. Now to start year three.

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  1. Congratulations, Beth.

    You’re rendering a great service to writers and readers alike.


  2. Congratulations, Beth. You’ve brought much joy and more to many on both sides of the pen/pencil/keyboard.

  3. Condorena says:

    I need to add my congratulations Beth. I realize what a worthy effort this blog is as well the tremendous amount of reading and writing that goes into your day to day posts.

  4. Beth says:

    To Mira, Jeff, and Condorena – Thank you. As I become progressively less mobile, the blog serves an important need for me, too. It keeps my mind engaged in part through the reading of the books and in part through the necessity of formulating coherent sentences.

    The typing is the real challenge. The brain sends the message to the fingers and the fingers, channeling Joe Pesce, respond with “are you talking to me?”

    The blog has introduced me to great writers I likely wouldn’t have found without it. The internet is a wonderful thing and, as some of us are dealing with unexpected challenges, it helps us remain connected to the larger world. I am still amazed that we are able to meet people with whom we would never cross paths in the real world. I love it when Sitemeter shows me a post translated into another language.

    • Me too, Beth.
      Google sometimes comes up with some ludicrous structures but it’s still heart-warming when you can make sense of other people’s thoughts no matter in what language or script.


  5. Beth, you deserve a champagne toast. I’m always curious about your take on a book I’ve read, and I consult your blog before heading to the bookstore or library. Thanks for sharing your reading with us. As Mira said, you do us a great service.

    • Beth says:

      Georgette, it was your discussion on Amazon that acquainted me with the discussion phenomenon. You missed your calling. You would be a great asset to the diplomatic corps, handling differing opinions with courtesy and finesse.

  6. Rosemarie says:

    Oh Beth, in the seething mass of dubious grammar and even more dubious recommendations of the blogosphere, your posts are always cool and lucid. I look forward to them in my inbox. Congratulations on MbT’s second anniversary, and keep up the good work.

    • Beth says:

      Rosemarie, the grammar is second nature. Thirteen years of education taught by nuns guarantees formal speech and writing void of errors. My husband insists one of his ears sticks about farther than the other as one nun or the other insisted on focusing his attention.

      I plan on keeping MbT an ongoing occupation.

  7. Maine Colonial says:

    Beth, congratulations on 622—or it now looks like 623—terrific posts. I’m looking forward to many more.

  8. I’m so happy to find out there’s actually a little great content left out there. I’m tired of google giving me junk.

    • Beth says:

      I am pleased you found the blog. I haven’t looked into Google’s suggestions but I don’t think Murder by Type is entered into their search box often enough to make it high on their list.

      There are many blogs that have financial support from some advertisers. I think that eliminates, or curtails,what the blogger can write.

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