that it was going to take me the better part of two days to get the pages on the blog organized to reflect the number of books reviewed. With the authors’ names are the titles of their books which have been reviewed, but each may have written more books than I have read.

The lists, for the most part, do not include reviews by other people.  They will be on a separate list and there will be other pages devoted to all the other posts that were not reviews.

So, the pages shown on the home page banner list the authors and have links to the reviews.  I hope the reviews will encourage readers to look for these books.

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4 Responses to I HAD NO IDEA WHEN I STARTED…………

  1. You never fail to amaze with what you achieve. Thanks, Beth.

  2. Beth says:

    If I had been employed by you in your previous life, I wouldn’t have lasted long. It took no time to create the links once I got beyond having to look at the instructions for each step. But I would rather read books and write reviews than do the necessary paperwork. It took me awhile to accept that no one could find books they were interested in.

  3. Au contraire, you’d have fit the profile of far too many in my past, and at least you read while not doing what you should:)

    • Beth says:

      The advantage to teaching history was that it required so much reading. Then I got to talk about what I read. Many time these were monologues but I did have a captive audience.

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