GETTING LUCKY is about getting Lucky but it is also the story of the American Dream – home ownership. Robyn Guthrie is a 40 year-old single woman who has a successful career as a free-lance reporter and writer for a number of newspapers and magazines. Robyn finds herself with the rather disconcerting task of finishing an investigative report on a housing development when the original reporter is killed in a hit-and-run accident.

The housing development is a key part of the story. Cedar Ridge is a planned “green” community, an area that will use the energy it produces. There is a lot riding on the success of Cider Ridge. Within commuting distance of Chicago, the town of Fowler stands to become a thriving area of young families. On the surface, Clair’s death is an accident but Robyn isn’t the only one to think it out of character for Clair to be walking her dog late at night on a deserted road without sidewalks. Was Clair meeting a source? Robyn and Clair had walked each other’s dogs on occasion so Robyn knew Clair was no where near her usual route.Scoop is uninjured but even the best dogs can’t reveal details. when the police determine that Clair wasn’t the victim of an accident but a deliberate act, Cedar Ridge acquires a new importance.

When Robyn meets Lucky Leoni she has no doubt that Cedar Ridge is going to be unlucky for someone.

Cider Ridge is one look at home ownership. Robyn’s mother offers another look. Mrs. Guthrie is in her 80’s and is living in an assisted living facility as her dementia increases. She decides that it is time for Robyn to join her in the purchase of a house in which they can live together more or less happily.

As Robyn works her way through Clair’s notes, she realizes Clair may have been killed because she knew more than she thought she did. Robyn wants to answer the questions that made Clair too dangerous to live.

I got lucky when I discovered D C Brod. There is humor and a good story wrapped in very good writing.

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