BODIES IN WINTER – Robert Knightly (Reviewed by Ted Feit)

A former New York City cop, the author takes on a theme that probably
would have achieved martyrdom if his pension was not already vested:
police corruption.  The protagonists, Harry Corbin and Adele Bentibi,
two detectives in a Brooklyn precinct, draw what seems to be a cut and
dried murder case: a former cop, just released from Attica prison,
murdered just outside his home.

But the two, an unlikely pair to be partners (he’s a by-the-book
careerist, she a holier-than-thou seeker of justice), start to
investigate despite warnings from higher-ups to slough off.  As they
continue, despite the pressures, they learn of possible conspiracies
among cops, and even that possibly the victim was framed.  Additional
murders compound the confusion.

This is a different kind of police procedural, albeit a step-by-step
description of how a case progresses.  Instead of seeking perpetrators
outside, they have to look inside.  And a final twist never
anticipated (by this reader, at least) adds irony to the efforts.  An
interesting couple, Corbin and Bentibi, and they make another
appearance in a sequel, “The Cold Room,” which is next on the list for
this reviewer.

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