ONE DOG NIGHT – David Rosenfelt (Reviewed byGloria Feit)

This novel has some of the endearing attributes of an Andy Carpenter
story, but unfortunately just ‘some.’  Missing are the customary high
jinks of courtroom maneuvers which made prior novels outstanding.  In
this book, Andy only goes through the motions, and most of them are
objected to and denied.  Present, however, are the usual sardonic
comments, humor and the “team” which always provide the series with an

The plot, of course, is up to the author’s accustomed standard, with
Andy, Laurie, Sam and Marcus coming up with background and facts to
sustain the efforts to exonerate the client, sometimes in the face of
extreme danger.  In this case, Noah Galloway, about to receive a
Presidential appointment, is accused of having set fire to a building
housing a drug distributor six years before, resulting in the deaths
of 26 persons.  A former drug addict, he has no memory of the event,
but does harbor guilty feelings.

Andy, who has no need or desire to work, much less take on another
client, does in this case, because Noah is the former owner of Tara,
the golden retriever that is a major part of his life.  First he has
to convince himself of Noah’s innocence.  Then go to work.  And then
just plod forward.  Since the usual courtroom antics do not take
place, the plot unwinds in a manner which is mechanical in nature,
with forces outside Andy’s control or contrivance.  In some other
novel, this type of conclusion might be warranted, but in this series
it seems out of place.  Despite these misgivings, Andy’s irreverence
and quips are always enjoyable.

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