RED JADE – Henry Chang (Reviewed by Ted Feit)

Detective Jack Yu somehow can’t escape New York’s Chinatown in this
third novel in the series. Apparently, he is the Fifth Precinct’s
token Chinese-American, called upon when sensitivity to the community
and its inhabitants is necessary. He had recently transferred to the
Ninth Precinct in Brooklyn and he moved to that borough’s Sunset Park
area following the death of his father, but he can’t escape his past.

In the early morning hours, he’s called in to handle an apparent
murder-suicide, his presence requested by the fathers of the victims
who believe he can provide the necessary “face saving” for the
families. This task accomplished, Jack then pays attention to a
couple of open cases, eventually traveling to Seattle at his own
expense in an attempt to solve them.

All three novels in the series are economically written, especially
short chapters, with a smattering of Chinese words for flavor (no
MSG). This police procedural moves in logical progression across the
continent, looking at more than the Chinatown of New York’s Lower East

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