THE TWO DEATHS OF DANIEL HAYES – Marcus Sakey (Review By Ted Feit)

Daniel Hayes wakes up on a beach in Maine, half drowned and with a
loss of memory.  This sets the stage for a slow, dramatic tale as he
attempts to reconstruct his life.  He finds a car nearby which is
apparently owned by someone named Daniel Hayes from Malibu, CA.  Is
that him?

Then he decides to cross the country in an effort to find out who he
is, after fleeing a cop attempting to arrest him in Maine.  Dan is a
scriptwriter, and his efforts are like episodes on a TV show.  When he
gets to Malibu, he sneaks in to what turns out is his home.  So he has
a name.  And a home.  He soon discovers that a female character on a
television show is his wife who apparently was killed when her car
went over a cliff.  While he searches for answers, the plot thickens.

And quite a plot it is.  Interspersed with fairly crisp prose are
simulated scripts, sometimes fantasy, others integral to the story
line.  The reader is kept off-balance with the question of whether Dan
fled to Maine because he killed his wife.  And when that question is
answered, a whole new mystery arises to keep one turning pages.

The novel is a finalist for the Thriller Award, and is recommended.

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