“I  Write Like Who??”  is a fun way to waste some time.  I posted this early in the blog’s history and many readers decided to investigate their inner Pulitzer winner

Want to waste a lot of time?  Want to feel like you are an iconic literary figure?  Want to have a good laugh?

The Rap Sheet (see Blogroll), on July 14, had a link to I WRITE LIKE.  Enter a few paragraphs of something you have written, hit analyze, and faster than the speed of light, you will learn in whose steps your words are falling.

I went to the MURDER IS EVERYWHERE blog for June and July, and randomly chose comments I had made on posts  from each of the authors.  I took two or three paragraphs from my comment on their post, pasted into the box, hit “analyze” and discovered that…

In the comment I posted on Michael Sears’ (Michael Stanley, A CARRION DEATH, THE SECOND DEATH OF GOODLUCK TINABU) post, “Condoms for Elephants”, July 18,  I wrote like Jane Austen (not good).

The computer compared my comment on Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s (LAST RITUALS, MY SOUL TO TAKE)  post “Of Few Words”, July 14,  to Mario Puzo (???)

Cara Black (the Aimee Leduc series) wrote a post entitled “WWII Reckoning, Occupation”, July 13.  My response to that comment was compared to the writing of Stephen King.  The horror of the occupation of France was in a league far beyond the horror of which King writes.

Leighton Gage (BLOOD OF THE WICKED, BURIED STRANGERS, DYING GASP) wrote “The Last Football (Soccer)Post, July 12.  My comment on that post got me compared  to Dan Brown. There is  nothing I wish to say about that.

Timothy Hallinan (NAIL THROUGH THE HEART, THE FOURTH WATCHER, BREATHING WATER, QUEEN OF PATPONG, coming August 17) wrote a post entitled “Flop Sweat”, July 14.  My response to this found my writing just like that of  Vladimir Nabokov. That one is beyond me.

Dan Waddell (BLOOD ATONEMENT, BLOOD DETECTIVE) wrote a post entitled, “There’ll Always Be An…”,  June 13.  My comment elicited a comparison to David Foster Wallace.  That won me some points with my children; it erased the Dan Brown business.

In that I don’t write, let alone write like a writer, the comparisons are not going to convince me that I should be looking for a publisher.  But it is very hot so playing with a literary computer game at least sounds productive.

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Beth, what fun! Based on a recent blog post, I write like H.P. Lovecraft (oh dear!) Based on a book review, I write like David Foster Wallace. Don’t know him at all.

    Jane Austen is good.

  2. Beth says:

    David Foster Wallace was a prize winning author. His novel INFINITE JEST was voted one of the one hundred best novels written in English. I have not read any of his works but my children are fans. Unfortunately, like so many gifted people, he committed suicide when h was in his forties.

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