In 1994, Mitt Romney made an attempt to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.  As part of their “we’re just folks” campaign, Mitt and Ann gave an interview to a reporter from the Boston Globe in which they shared with the people of Massachusetts their financial struggles while they were attending Brigham Young University.  They were determined to prove to their wealthy parents that they could make it on their own so they refused to accept monetary assistance.  Instead, just like everyone I knew in college, they got by selling their stocks.  They didn’t experience the opportunities to meet other students while working three jobs to pay tuition.  They didn’t benefit from the bonding that cemented our friendships when we pooled change on Friday afternoons so we could each get a cup of coffee before heading off to weekend jobs.

So the people of Massachusetts can’t be blamed when they find it nauseating to listen to Mitt talking about his wife’s two Cadillacs and the horses she keeps in all the places they have homes.  Ann and I share a disease but fortunately my neurologist has not centered my treatment around horseback riding.  I do envy the shoes she is still able to wear.

The internet is a wonderful tool.  I was able to find that interview and I am pleased to be able to share it.  As you read it,  keep in mind that Mitt is already on record as saying he will not help the poor because they already have assistance programs in place.  He is also on record as saying he is going to dismantle that very safety net.  He is going to focus his attention on helping the middle class and he is going to begin by reducing the taxes of the wealthy and the businesses for which they work.  Romney’s reputation as a person who takes failing businesses and makes them profitable is built on eliminating jobs.

I was never a fan of the Kennedys but the people of Massachusetts were smart enough to recognize the deep divide between these two very rich men.  Romney tithes to the Mormon church which is no more than he should do.  The Kennedys for all their faults saw a much bigger picture.  Rose Kennedy raised her children to never forget the Biblical injunction that to whom much is given, much is expected. Politically, they supported and introduced programs tohelp those in need regardless pf race, creed, or color.  For all their wealth and power, they were not immune to tragedy.  One of the greatest of their sorrows was Rosemary, the mentally handicapped member of the star-crossed family.  Much of their wealth and their political capitol was spent on funding programs for “exceptional children”, a phrase coined by Richard Cardinal Cushing, the Archbishop of Boston.  Cushing founded St. Coletta’s school to serve the needs of mentally disadvantaged children.  Cushing is buried there.

Mitt won the Ohio primary but exit polls indicate that most Republicans are dismayed by the four choices their party is offering.  He won over second place finisher by 1% of the vote.

So, since politics is going to make me crazy until the country proves it isn’t in November, I am going to be moving my rants to another blog. This may take awhile in that I haven’t told the blog master about my new plan.  When it has a name and address I will put the information on this blog.

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  1. Rosemarie says:

    Beth, both front-runners in the Republican primaries seem frighteningly out of touch with the people they should be representing.

    • RB Jones says:

      Are they as out of touch as the President? I would like to express my opinion.
      As for the Kennedys–the patriarch, Joseph Kennedy made his fortune on Black Market & Bootleg Whiskey during Prohibition Days. He set a precedent for his children–to be as corrupt as possible. Only the news media love the Kennedys. Most red blooded Americans are sick of hearing the media gush over the Kennedys. They started our downhill descent through President Kennedy who had the morals of a rabbit. He left a legacy of infidelity to his wife, and inept foreign policy, while sowing of the seeds of Socialism . Please forget about gushing over the kennedys & get with the program today. I agree, I don’t like Mitt Romney but we do not have to worry about him eliminating jobs. Mr Obama has already managed to kill most of them and may have succeeded in eliminating several more by Election Day.

      • Beth says:

        I think if you re-read the post you will find I don’t “gush” about the Kennedys. The Kennedys were liberal Democrats who were aware that their experiences of life were not familiar to the majority of Americans. JFK waqs not in office long enough to get much done. Lyndon Johnson was the author of the “Great Society” and the programs that allowed my generation to be the first college graduates in our families. The last of the politically active Kennedys is dead. There aren’t any Kennedys for the media to talk about.

        Mitt Romney has said that he will eliminate the safety net for the poor and the lower levels of the middle class. He has said that he is going to cut the taxes of the top 1% while raising them for the middle class. It is impossible not to have seen poll results in which middle and working
        class Republicans admit that they neither like nor support Romney but will vote for him anyway.

        The loss of jobs in the US began when Reagan encouraged manufacturers to move their factories to countries that didn’t require minimum wage standards, health care, or safety codes. that was how we lost the auto industry, the industry that is experiencing a resurgance since President Obama encouraged the auto makers to come back to Detroit.

        Mitt Romney built on his family’s fortune by using Bain Capitol to take over companies and decimate the work force. the job losses pre-date President Obama’s administration. President Clinton left a trillion dollar surplus; President Bush spent through that and then continued to spend on a needless war and left a trillion dollar deficit. Given what he inherited, President Obama is doing an outstanding job.

    • Beth says:

      Romney has been insulated from real life problems by his money and incredible good fortune.
      Santorum seems out of touch with reality. His interpretation of Catholicism is decididly a reflection of pre-Vatican II teachings. His views on birth control reflect church teachings but are not inline with the majority of Catholics.

  2. Maxine says:

    Good post and “makes you sick doesn’t it?”! It is bad over here with David Cameron, Eton-educated, who thinks his wife Samantha (daughter of a Viscount) rather down to earth because she went to a private day school rather than a boarding school. “Dave” always likes to make out he is “one of us” as if he shares the same life experience as those of us who get by via the hard work of their own brain and hands.

    Re: the comment above about Barack Obama, could not agree less about him. Clearly he has disappointed many people who idealistically and unrealistically thought he could solve the country’s ills by waving a magic wand, but he is surely heaps better than the alternative! (Apologies for a view from the UK, hope you don’t mind).

    • Beth says:

      Obama is doing his best under circumstances that were a secret to him as well as to the rest of the United States.

      Your views are certainly welcome. Both of our countries were sold out by the manipulators of wealth who ruthlessly played on the beliefs of ordinary people who did not grasp how the game was played. In the US, banks encouraged home buyers to purchase houses more expensive than they could reasonably afford at excessively high interest rates. When they defaulted on their mortgage payments, the banks foreclosed on their homes and they lost everything.

      I doubt that my children will ever be home owners.,

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