Tomorrow, March 6, brings the  twelfth book in Cara Black’s Aimee Leduc series.  I found Aimee in 1999 with the publication of MURDER IN THE MARAIS, one of the sections of Paris.  I have enjoyed every book.  Today I am posting a piece Cara put together so that readers can gain some insight into some of what goes into a story.

On Tuesday, I will post a review of this twelfth book that continues a series that should satisfy the reading tastes of nearly everyone.  Set in the 1990’s, Aimee reminds us of the cultural interests of that time we all can remember.  Each book is a guided tour of the magnificent city, including those areas tourists never see.  There is always a murder but it takes place off the page and details are kept to a minimum.  It is noir with a bit of cozy mixed in.

And now, Cara.

those Knight Templar Towers and German air shelters

Can you guess what these photos have in common?
A remnant of a Knights Templar tower tucked in a courtyard in the Marais

The worn Latin inscription on the stone floor of the Conservatoire d’Arts et Metiers

A leftover air raid shelter exit for the German army under a hotel in the Marais.
What do they all have in common besides being in the Marais?
They’re each in a scene in my new book. I worked some considerable charm making painstaking revisits to obtain permission, sometimes, to get into these places. Some angry Polish workman and aloof hotel clerks might not agree. My apologies but voilà
they appear in

which comes out a week from today on March 6!
The link in Cara’s post leads to Murder Is Everywhere, the blog on which Cara posts every Tuesday.  Give yourselves a real  treat and browse the posts of all the writers who contribute weekly:  Timothy Hallinan, Lwighton Gage, Cara Black, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Michael Stanley (Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip), Dan Waddell, and Jeffrey Siger.
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