BLOOD DAUGHTERS – Marcus M Villatoro

“Marisa Jackson had a painful last name.   Jackson.  Unfortunate for Marisa.  Good for the cause.  “Karen Allende wanted to believe that Marisa’s last name might have saved the girl.  It was so obviously American, like Andrew Jackson or Michael Jackson.  But Marisa’s thick black hair and dark eyes and walnut skin called back to another country.”  But Karen knows that Marisa is another victim in what has been called the Desert Women case.  For over ten years, the bodies of Mexican women have been found in the no man’s land that separates Mexico from California.  The Desert Women case has changed with the discovery of Marisa for she is a child.

Karen Allende is the daughter of an Academy Award winning actress.  Karen has lived the life of a Hollywood princes but now, at the age of twenty-three, she has become an activist.  When she shows a false ID at the site of Marisa’s body drop, she is arrested.  The ID she carries identifies her as Romilia Chacon, an FBI agent.  When the real Romilia shows up, she learns that Karen has bigger problems than impersonating a federal agent. is an organization of women on both sides of the border who are monitoring the sex trafficking of women from as far away as eastern Europe.

Karen and her associates have discovered that the website isn’t a site but a virus and the virus is allowing men to shop for pre-pubescent girls on the internet.  Orders are placed, girls are found.  Marisa was in the pipeline but something went wrong and she needed to be killed.  The second thing that went wrong was that Marisa was killed on the US side of the border.  Now two jurisdictions are involved.  Karen’s real crime is cyber-theft and that is a charge she can’t dodge,  Karen will go to jail but first Romilia works to convince Karen that her help is needed in identifying the man responsible for the sale of women.

BLOOD DAUGHTERS is a book I had to read straight through.  This is not the first book in the series and there were frequent references to significant episodes in the previous books.  BLOOD DAUGHTERS is so good that I am going to start the series from the beginning.  The author makes the point that the border patrols between Mexico and the United States have been successful enough  to effect the drug runners bottom line.  Being canny capitalists, the cartels have branched out into the new slave trade.  The subject isn’t pleasant but it needs attention.

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3 Responses to BLOOD DAUGHTERS – Marcus M Villatoro

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like an interesting book (and series). I don’t like the cover of the book at all but that is hardly the writer’s fault.

  2. Beth says:

    I don’t understand the cover . I think the author should have some say in the cover design since the cover creates the first impression of the story.

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