I read and review mysteries/thrillers/suspense, espionage/spy stories, historical mysteries, and crime non-fiction.

I will accept ARCs from publishers and authors.

I will not accept self-published works.

I will accept books from published authors who have re-formatted their books for the Kindle or who have written a book specifically for the Kindle.

If I do not like a book I will not post a review.  All my reviews are positive.  Reading tastes are personal and I would not want to discourage someone from reading a book because it isn’t to my taste.

Reviews will be posted as soon as possible, generally in the order in which they are received.  Most of the books I review are from the public library, so due dates have to be considered.

***Many of the ARCs I receive will not be published for a few months.  In those cases, I post the review in the same week as publication.

*****If a book is the latest in a series, I will offer a summary of the earlier books in a post before the review.  If I have posted a review of a previous book or books in a series, I will re-post those reviews to encourage readers to discover the series or, at least, to have some context for the newest book.

*******On occasion, I receive published books.  Those are reviewed in order of delivery.

**********The reviews I post are written by me.  I received an email from a publishing house asking to have the book passed on to one of my reviewers.  I am a one-person operation except for the times when the bones of the blog require some tweaking.  The tweaker-in-chief is my daughter who also answers to blog master when I need something done that I am technically incapable of accomplishing.

********************** Imagine all of the above as being printed on a fancy scroll.

Contact me at

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  1. I quite understand why you don’t want indies, Bet, but it’s still and shame. 🙂


    • Beth says:

      I know that there are many talented authors who haven’t been able to connect with a publisher but in the interest of saving my sanity and my vision, I had to devise a way to organize what I can read. The best part of doing the blog is discovering so many excellent books.

      The blog was created after reading a comment Leighton made on an Amazon discussion group. I have been a fan of Leighton’s ever since I discovered BLOOD OF THE WICKED while browsing in a bookstore. In his comment he wrote that mid-list authors got little publicity support from their publishers. The purpose of the blog has been to bring attention to those writers who deserve to be read because thy are much more than good at what they do.

      In the last few months, as publishing houses disappear, fans have to be more proactive in bringing attention to those whose books we enjoy.

      • Beth,
        I wonder if you know about NBEI discussion group on and whether they know about you. They read a great deal, mostly European books in translation and regularly recommend books worth reading (or not) to each other. If that’s all right by you, I’ll mention your website to them. It could be a start of a beautiful friendship.

        If you are interested in them, they’re in the Mystery Forum.

  2. Sorry about the typo, Beth.

  3. Beth says:

    Thank you,Mira. Please do mention the blog. The more people who know, the happier I am.

  4. janebbooks says:

    Beth…about those self-published books…and the proliferation of books on Kindle.
    It’s hard being a hardcover reader….when everyone on NBIE is posting about
    free Kindles. I just ignore them and read REAL books.
    I need to tell you about my Irish crime/mystery collection that’s growing. I just
    discovered Jane Casey and want to find some Arlene Hunt’s. What Irishman are you reading?
    How about John Connolly? Read my review of his THE WHITE ROAD at Amazon!

  5. Beth says:

    I received a Kindle for Christmas. I bought some ebooks but I have yet to read anything on the device. I’ not avoiding it but I want to get through the stack of physical books I have. I know that it is going to be wonderful to take it to appointments rather than a stack of books.

    I have read THE BURNING and I am looking forward to Jane Casey’s next book due, I think, in the spring.

    I have read most of the books in the Connolly’s Charlie Parker series.

    Right now, I am not concentrating on any one author. I am just working my way to the bottom of the pile and loving every minute of it.

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