DEAD MAN’S GRIP – Peter James

Stuart Ferguson had been driving for eighteen hours, bringing a load of shrimp, scallops, and salmon from Aberdeen to Sussex in England.  Energy drinks have kept him going and, with luck, he could pick up a load of New Zealand lamb and get back home.

Carly Chase is late for a meeting with a client at the office of her law firm but first she has to drop her son off at school.  It is her fault they are late.  Carly had been on a date with a man she will make sure she never sees again.  And, she had had too much wine.  Widowed, her friends have been urging her to socialize but she thinks she isn’t quite ready for it

Tony Revere is an American studying in England.  Graduate school is an excuse.  Tony had met Susan Caplan when she was vacationing with a friend in New York.  When she returned to Brighton, Tony decided to transfer.  He loved Susan, liked the University of Brighton, and enjoyed being as far away from his mother.  Fernanda Revere was a frightening woman.

Ewan Preece was an ex–con in a stolen car.  He was moving fast and he wouldn’t let anything slow him down.  All four entered the intersection at the same time.  In seconds, Tony Revere was dead.  The lives of the other three were hanging in the balance but they didn’t know it.

Fernanda Revere had a doting father who had unlimited resources, financial as well as personal.  That he was in prison didn’t matter.  He had money to spend and associates who were willing to take it and were afraid not to take the job that is offered.  When Ewen Preece and Stuart Macfarland were murdered, the case  becomes the responsibility of Roy Grace.  He moves to put Carly Chase and her son into the witness protection program – new home, new names, new lives.  But Carly refuses and finds herself up against a professional killer.

The Roy Grace series is worth following.  Roy is person who an be found next store or 3000 miles away.  He is in love with Cleo and,in this book, she is in the midst of a difficult pregnancy.  His first wife had disappeared without a trace ten years before and Roy has to make a difficult decision so that he and Cleo can be married before the baby is born.

Peter James should be on the list of every reader who enjoys police procedurals.

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