It wasn’t intentional. Thursday my new laptop, not to be confused with the old laptop that gave great service, was performing perfectly. Friday morning I discovered that the font size on everything has shrunk to a size that requires a magnifying glass.  I can read emails on another device but responding would take hours (as previously mentioned the “m” key is situated right next to the backspace key leading to erasures of everything typed).

So, it being Sunday two of the three children will be coming for dinner and they can fight amongst themselves about who has the perfect idea for getting this to function better than the one that quit from old age.

I hear the snickering of the MAC users but in all truth “intuitive” is not a word that applies to my relationship with things that plug in and have keys.

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  1. Condorena says:

    That happened overnight to mw with my new Mac as well but fiddlings with the settings helped it. I can figure quite a few things out but don’t ask how I did it. It sure wasn’t intuitive. One of the great things about a mac is the share screen feature that lets your up to date kids work on your computer remotely.

  2. Beth says:

    Wouldn’t my kids love it if they could solve my computer problems remotely! My daughter asked me to describe something on the screen. Her response to my description was “I have no idea what you are looking at.” It took about five minutes for them to have everything as it should be.

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