My new laptop is now up and running thanks to my son who got it going, my husband who replaced the old one quickly, and my daughter who is about to become the recipient of an endless stream of emails requesting that she put things back where they belong.

I can’t find anything.  All the icons I took for granted are either hiding or they are in a completely different location on the page.  I am used to things being where I left them, an important consideration in that in my real life I rarely remember where I leave anything.

The hiatus has allowed me ample time to read but not being able to write a review immediately after finishing a book cuts out so much of the enthusiasm born when a really good book has been read to the last word.

I was able to keep up with reading my email from my recently acquired “smart” phone.  This phone is so smart that, after two weeks,  I have only mastered six of the twenty icons available to me.  I have, however, become rather proficient at sending text messages using the QWERTY board.  This is not an easily acquired skill if one is over the age of thirty; those under the age of thirteen grasp it immediately.  The letter “m” is located next to the return key which means that almost every time I tried to type “m”  I erased most of what was already typed.

The phone allows for “facetime”, the ability to see anyone with whom you are speaking while allowing the recipient to see the caller.  My daughters and I have agreed that under no circumstances will we ever enable this part of the phone.  Some things are better left to the imagination.

All smartphones are annoying in that when one posts to something like Facebook or sends an email message, the smartphone finds an opportunity too good to miss – it advertises itself.  The company from which I purchased my phone needs no advertising; it is ubiquitous.  In fact, it goes to such lengths to suggest that it is a status symbol that I feel that in fairness to the other equally good phones available, I must reveal that I got it on sale because I needed to extend my cell phone plan for another two years and the phone was the carrot dangled to entice me to continue with the same carrier.  Given the complications inherent in trying to change carriers for five phone lines, staying with the same carrier is required to maintain sanity.

So, I have been a hostage to technology and the situation was made abundantly clear without the ability to sign-on to Firefox.  Since I read newspapers online, I was cut off from current events.  Since I follow political and social commentary online, I was cut off from trends that developed over ten days.  Since email was readable but less convenient, I was amazed to discover how much of what comes into my inbox over the course of the day wasn’t worth opening when to do so was time consuming.

Less time spent on the computer means more time for reading and I am more than happy with that swap.  Now I can get back to posting reviews.

Now, I have to send my daughter an email requesting that she explain how I can search Google Images without losing the blog post.

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  1. Condorena says:

    I’ve been there and done that. My smart phone has a mind of it’s own and it’s the master.

    Online tutorials help a bit, but there are still screens and menus that won’t show up like the do on the tutorial. I had to change my husband’s and son’s names because they were similar to others and my phone kept confusing them. When I sent a text about picking up my grandson it appeared that I was sending it to my brother in Washington state, on the opposite coast.

    It does make life interesting. I totally agree about the face time issue, leave my face out of it please!

    • Beth says:

      Liz – It is a desperate situation when the smartphone is too smart for the user. I will gradually master it but my major project is to get the new laptop working like the old one did. I don’t know how to keep things where I put them, i.e. the things I look at a few times a day. I just talked to Maura and she gave me some information about how to keep windows open. Then she asked me if I had been successful in following her instructions. I could not believe that she actually thought I could be talking to her and setting up pages at the same time. I will give it my best shot but she was on her way to a meeting so I will have to wait till tomorrow evening if/when it doesn’t work like she says it will.

      But maybe it will.

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