Detective Wade Jackson, with the violent crimes unit of the Eugene,
Oregon Police Department, An investigator with the best track record
of closing cases, he has never worked a cold case before.  In the
fifth and newest entry in this terrific series, he is faced with two
of them, one in particular of a very personal nature:  the murder of
his parents, ten years earlier.  Convinced that the man who has been
imprisoned for the crime, now terminally ill with cancer, is innocent,
he is determined to find justice for them, and peace for himself.

The second case has to do with Gina Stahl, now 46 years old, who has
been in a coma for two years, believed to be the result of a suicide
attempt.  When she awakens for the first time, she quite lucidly tells
the authorities that she had been attacked by a man wearing a ski mask
but who she believes was her ex-husband.  That investigation is
complicated by the fact that her ex is a police officer.

Jackson ultimately works both cases, assisted by 32-year-old
detective-in-training Lara Evans, the chapters for the most part
alternating p.o.v. between the two.  The tale, as much as anything,
is one of dysfunctional families in general, and siblings in
particular.  The author’s expertise in creating deeply human
characters is again much in evidence, together with a plot that keeps
picking up speed as it hurtles to an ending that, quite literally,
sent chills up and down my back and arms, and just as that was
settling down, the ending had me again in goosebumps.  Ms. Sellers’
books just keep getting better and better, and accordingly this is her
best one yet.

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