August 20, 2010: Has Anything Changed In A Year?

On August 2o, 2010, Dan Waddell posted these observations as he toured the middle Atlantic States.  It was amusing and informational last year.  This year it is still amusing and it is also informational in that it seems as if nothing much has changed although I think Glen Beck is somewhat less ubiquitous. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

An Englishman abroad…

Sorry for my absence the previous two Fridays, but I’ve been on holiday with my family. And apologies also if this blog is somewhat disjointed, but I’m writing though a fog of jet lag (anyone got any good remedies for jet lag? I once had chance to interview a senior executive at a huge worldwide corporation, who spent his life shifting time zones. ‘How do you cope?’ I asked, out of personal and professional curiosity. ‘Off the record,’ he said. ‘Whenever I reach a place, I drink as much beer as I can and knock myself out. The next day is a struggle, sure, but it works.’ Sadly, with three kids, this isn’t an option for me…)

We visited the United States, taking a road trip that incorporated parts of Maryland and Virginia. I’m an Americophile (if there is such a word) so love visiting the US. I find it a bewildering, fascinating place, rich with contrast and contradictions. I thought I’d share a few observations from this trip.

  • Glen Beck. Oh. My. God. I’d seen clips of this popinjay on various satirical TV programmes over here. But nothing prepared me for watching him delivering one of his unhinged rants live on air. Just a snippet – Glen was lecturing us on the wasteful budget of Philadelphia’s civic leaders. They spend millions on free libraries but not enough on combating crime for his tastes. ‘Look, I read more books than most people,’ he simpered, though the evidence so far was to the contrary. ‘Libraries are good things.’ The anger built in his face. ‘But how can you read books with blood dripping into your eyes?’
  •  US roads are in a seriously bad state. Thankfully my hire car was made of stern stuff, but a few billion could be ploughed into re-laying them and so help ‘this economy.’ (I heard the phrase ‘this economy’ more times than I heard the phrase ‘I love your accent.’)
  • Driving on the Beltway around Washington, the phrase ‘murder is everywhere’ carried a fleeting, extra resonance.
  • How many blocks away from Ground Zero is it acceptable to build a mosque? Four? 16?
  • Why do mosquitoes eat me, a hairy, sweating, beer drinking, fast-food guzzling bloke, alive, and leave my practically teetotal, healthy diet eating, fragrant, mildly perspiring wife alone?
  • Old Bay Seasoning is as addictive as crack. Probably as nutritious too.
  • In Ocean City I saw tourists queuing around the block to eat crab. A local had told me that the ‘local’ crab the tourists were waiting patiently in line for was actually imported from south east Asia. Flush with inside knowledge, I ordered the Chesapeake Mahi-Mahi instead
  • Why take a perfectly good beer, drain it of all taste and append the tag ‘light’? The good Lord had an answer if real beer makes you feel fat. He called it vodka.
  • I passed near or close to several Civil War battlefields, and sadly couldn’t visit them all. The ones I did were awe-inspiring and humbling. However, if the South’s cause was ‘glorious’, what does that make the cause of those fighting to preserve the world’s first true democracy and end slavery?
  • When I’m rich I’ll buy a place where I can see those wild Atlantic waves crash on the shore.
  • In the airport waiting to fly home I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with Dubya’s grinning face on it, bearing the legend ‘Are you missing me yet?’ ‘No’, I thought. ‘I’d managed to wipe your entire existence from my memory until now.’ Then: ‘How much trouble is Obama in if people are getting nostalgic for you?’
  • Baseball is a glorious game, though it loses some of its lustre when the only games you can view feature the Orioles.
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2 Responses to August 20, 2010: Has Anything Changed In A Year?

  1. It just goes to prove that Dan’s writing is timeless! Great decision to re-post, Beth.


  2. Beth says:

    Re-posting the wonderful entries on Murder Is Everywhere is less a result of the process of decision-making than it is a no-brainer.

    There isn’t anything on MIE that I am unwilling to “borrow” in service of this blog and that one, as well.

    If readers think the blog is good, but haven’t yet tried one of the books, they are in for a treat.

    Pick a time zone: Tim Hallinan (Bangkok), Leighton Gage (Brazil), Cara Black (Paris), Yrsa Sigurdardottir (Iceland), Michael Stanley (Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip), Dan Waddell (Britain), and Jeff Siger (Greece, especially Mykonos). Not a boring place in the group.

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