GETTING ORGANIZED – Part Two (Authors E – H)

Another page has been added to the tabs.  Added to AUTHORS E – H are Kate Ellis, Joseph Finder, Peter Helton, David Hewson, Keigo Higashino, and Sasser Hill.

Links have been added to recent reviews of SHADOW PASS ( Sam Eastland), THE TRAITOR’S EMBLEM (Juan Gomez-Jurado),  and WHACK-A-MOLE (Chris Grabenstein).

Tim Hallinan’s name has been added a second time as editor of SHAKEN, the book of twenty short stories written by outstanding authors in the mystery genre.  All proceeds from the book have been donated to Japanese organizations helping the victims of the tsunami.  If I had added the full title and the names of the authors to the list, it would have required its own page.

SHAKEN – Stories For Japan  is available as a Kindle ebook.  For those, like me, who do not have an ereader, Kindle PC can be downloaded for free. The cost of the book is $3.99, less than most specialty coffees.

Amazon is not keeping any of the money; it is all going where it is needed.  The tsunami swept over Japan on March 11, 2011.  After four months, the story is no longer part of the news cycle but the needs of the people are still significant.

Gar Anthony Haywood is an author and, for SHAKEN, he has donated his artistic talent by creating the evocative cover art.

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