SPLIT SECOND – Catherine Coulter

SPLIT SECOND is the fifteenth book in the FBI series.  In this addition, Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock are not the agents in charge.  Savich creates a new team by assigning Lucy Carlyle and Cooper McKnight to work together on a series of murders that are clearly connected.  Carlyle and McKnight have not taken any pains to hide their animosity and Savich knows that as the unit’s leader, he is responsible for making sure that all members of the team can work smoothly no matter the situation.  Carlyle and McKnight are less than pleased but,  as new members of the unit,  they have to prove their ability to suppress their personalities and focus on the assignment at hand.

Across the United States, young women are being murdered.  Nothing has been found to  connect the women until one victim manages to fight back.  She scratches her attacker and the DNA is a goldmine of information for the police and a trip back in time for everyone who followed the story.  The man called “Todd” has a direct blood connection to Ted Bundy.

It isn’t difficult enough for Lucy Carlyle that she is one of the two lead agents in this case.  She is also dealing with the very recent death of her father.  Lucy has been raised by her father and grandmother, growing to maturity in a comfortable world.  Then, her grandmother dies.  Soon after, her father suffers a coronary and as Lucy sits with him in the cardiac care unit, he suddenly begins shouting,  revealing that he saw his mother kill his father, and then dies.  Milton Carlyle has been missing for twenty-two years.  The family story is that he suddenly walked away from the family, disappearing without a word.  Now Lucy has to confront the terrible secret her father carried for most of his life.

Lucy needs to know more so she moves to her grandmother’s mansion in Maryland and begins a careful search of the house.  Working carefully so as not to miss anything important, she has avoided the attic.  But that space must be searched and Lucy comes to a large trunk.  In it she finds layers of men’s clothing and, at the bottom, a skeleton.  Sewn into the cuff of the pants in which the body is dressed is a ring, ugly, but compelling.

Although SPLIT SECOND is the fifteenth book in the series, it is the first that I have read.  From first page to last page, the book moves quickly, introducing many characters along the way.  The author makes sure that each character is memorable, including those in the separate story concerning the robbery of a small market in Georgetown.  Because the story is so tightly written, revelations can be spoilers but the author succeeds in showing how much things can change in a split second.

Lucy Carlyle and Cooper McKnight are engaging characters and I hope that they share more investigations.  I plan to read other books in the series so that I can become acquainted with Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock who have roles in this story but are not center stage.

I received this book from the publisher.

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