THE REVIEW POLICY (A Work In Progress)

In less than two weeks, Murder By Type will celebrate its first anniversary.  I have discovered many new writers by trolling through blog lists, library collections, Amazon, Good Reads and Library Thing.  Some authors and some publishers have sent me advance readers copies, unsolicited, and they have been wonderful surprises.

It is about time that I post a review policy  In order to get an idea of the types of books I like to read, I suggest taking a look at the AUTHORS AND BOOK TITLES page or, even better, opening the tab marked HOME.  This leads to the most recent post. Scrolling down this page and previous pages will provide a quick and easy way to read the reviews and get a sense of the kinds of books to which I gravitate.

I do not post negative reviews.  If I receive a book I don’t like, I won’t finish it but I will not post a review that isn’t sincerely positive.  If I say I like a book, I really do.  I don’t post about books I don’t like because I don’t want to influence anyone.  Reading is a personal activity; everyone has different tastes.  That I didn’t like a book, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good book.  I don’t read cozies, horror, romantic suspense, graphic sex or violence, and I tend to think that if an author has to resort to vulgar language in every second sentence, it suggests that the author has a limited vocabulary.  There can be exceptions to that rule.  This is the opening of my review of SNOW ANGELS  by James Thompson.

” James Thompson’s SNOW ANGELS is filled with bad language, horrific details about mutilation, brutal murders, characters who are victims of their geography, and a culture about which most of us know very little. There is repeated use of a term that most Americans shun. I started reading and didn’t stop until I finished the book. I have to clarify that; I  did skim the most lurid details but once the book is started, it is impossible to put it down.”  I also read and reviewed Thompson’s LUCIFER’S TEARS.  In the hands of a writer less talented the things about which Thompson writes would be lurid and disturbing.

The majority of books I read and review come from the public library. I get ARCs on occasion and some writers have graciously sent me signed copies of their work.  I do purchase books by some of my favorite writers but I can neither afford to buy nor do I have the room  to house all the books I read.

I do not/will not sell any ARCs I receive.  I am not compensated for any of the reviews I post.I read the books I receive in as timely a fashion as possible.  I do get books from the Amazon Vine program which encourages reviews to be posted promptly.  I ask authors/publishers to let me know when they want a review posted – early in order to generate interest or near the publication date for publicity purposes.

I will accept books from published authors, agents, or publishers.  I will not accept self-published books with one exception.  Some published authors are re-publishing their back lists on Kindle or have opted to maintain control of a new book and are publishing on Kindle.

I do not own a Kindle but I do have the Kindle application for the PC.  I am still old-fashioned enough to prefer paper, but I am becoming acclimated to the e-book format.

Please send questions, information about ARCs, and requests for information about shipping books to

The information about the review policy is a work in progress.  Please email me at regarding omissions, corrections, and any questions left unanswered.  Suggestions welcome.


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