ALLAN GUTHRIE – Scottish Noir and then some

I have not read anything by Allan Guthrie.  He, and his books, were brought to my notice by Lennie Kleinfeld, one of the funniest authors in print, able to bring readers to tears.  Lennie’s interview with Allan led to my contacting Allan about using the interview for this blog and that led to an education in Allan’s books.

Noir is not one of my favorite sub-genres in mystery but for those who do enjoy the dark side of mystery story-telling, I am happy to give Allan the opportunity to introduce his work.

The links mentioned in the various links in this post generally refer back to books available in the UK.  Some introduce a number or writers that may be unfamiliar to American readers.  As mentioned, I know nothing about this genre, noir, but the information may open up a world of previous unknown writers to those who are fans.


Criminal-E is my blog for crime eBooks, launched at the end of March. Here are some recent posts if you’d like to check it out.

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Josh Stallings interview: Beautiful, Naked & Dead

Barry Graham interview: How Do You Like Your Blue-eyed Boy?


McDroll describes Killing Mum as “a fast fix of guns, blood and fire”, as well as providing a superbly succinct summary of the plot at I Meant To Read That while Benoit Lelievre says it’s “a strong, wild ride of a novella that you will want to finish in one setting… A great addition to your noir collection” at Dead End Follies.

B.C. Bell enjoys Slammer, writing this about it at Tales of the Bagman: “Honest to God, about once a year some book comes along, I devour it in a day or two, and I’ll just be stunned. Some of these I’ll get to in the future, not to mention some stuff that’s just plain strange—even by Science fiction standards. But this, this jewel of a novel, crawled right up out of the muck and strangled me with a sardonic wit so beautiful I didn’t even mind.”

And Glenn Harper is also most generous with Hard Man at International Noir. “Guthrie’s the most unrelenting of the “tartan noir” writers, and the funniest, in his uniquely violent style. The writing is clear and crisp, each character with his own personality and style as the narrative moves among them. If you’re up for the combination of pain, darkness, and comedy, Guthrie definitely delivers, better than anyone else I can think of.”


Most flattered indeed to be included in Benoit Lelievre’s Top Ten List of Writers Who Deserve More Recognition. And equally flattered by his terrific review of Bye Bye Baby. Another review of Bye Bye Baby comes from Babs Hightower, who also interviews me at her review site here.

Welcome to Noir Originals

Allan GuthrieWelcome to NOIR ORIGINALS, the home of Allan Guthrie on the net.

Allan Guthrie is an award-winning crime novelist and literary agent who lives in Edinburgh. Click here to read more about Allan and his books. Or click below for information on specific titles.

Slammer (2009)
Savage Night (2008)
Hard Man (2007)
Kiss Her Goodbye (2005)
Two-Way Split (2004)

Bye Bye Baby (2010/11)
Killing Mum (2009)
Kill Clock (2007)

NOIR ORIGINALS was established in 2003 as an author showcase and ezine dedicated to noir and hardboiled fiction. Within its pages you’ll find dozens of author profiles and interviews, articles, reviews, and novel extracts.

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