Today there is another interesting review from Ted Feit.  THE GIRL IN THE GREEN RAINCOAT has attracted much positive attention.

This novella first appeared as a serialization in the Sunday New York
Times Magazine.  The author freely admits that she appropriated ideas
for the work from a variety of sources, making the story really a
smorgasbord of unrelated themes.  It is, however, a Tess Monaghan tale
set, as usual, in Baltimore.

Eight months pregnant, Tess, ever the active one, is confined to bed
and bored silly.  She looks out the window (shades of Alfred
Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’] and sees a woman in a green raincoat
walking a dog with a matching green sweater, who she then notices on a
daily basis.  Days later, when he doesn’t see the woman, she becomes,
in her state of ennui, obsessed:  Where is the woman?  Then she sees
the dog running around unaccompanied.  It is enough to set Tess off in
her investigative mode, enlisting others to assist in discovering what
has happened to the woman.

Other elements of the novella include observations of love between
various characters, the development of Tess as she progresses in her
pregnancy and, presumably, future motherhood, and some insights into
her friend Whitney.  All in just a slender volume.  Perhaps if the
novella were developed into a full-fledged novel, this hodgepodge of
subject matter could have been more fully developed, rather than with
just token appearances.  Nevertheless, it is written with the author’s
accustomed smoothness and is an enjoyable read.

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3 Responses to THE GIRL IN THE GREEN RAINCOAT – Laura Lippman

  1. Condorena says:

    I have only read one of Tess’s stories before, but this review entices me to read more.

  2. Beth says:

    Ted Feit wrote an intriguing review guaranteed to get people to pick up the book.

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