BODY LINE – Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

BODY LINE is the thirteenth book in the Bill Slider series.  Slider is an inspector in the homicide division in London and, as usual, he is surrounded by his loyal team, Jim Atherton and Norma Swilley, and is supported by his boss, Superintendent Porson.  Life at home is good, as well, with Joanna and their baby son.

Slider and his team are sent to a home in a very expensive section of London to investigate the execution-style murder of David Rogers, a doctor who is clearly doing well for himself.  Rogers girlfriend tells the police that the doctor received a phone call early in the morning, she assumes from the hospital.  The door bell rang, she heard him invite someone into the house, and then she heard a gun shot.  She realizes that the shooter is searching the house and she escapes by hanging from a balcony.  She sees the assailant leave but all she can tell police is that he had dark hair.

Neither she nor the ex-wife know what type of medicine the doctor practices or what hospital with which he is affiliated.  Financial records show that he gets monthly payments from a Swiss-based group but it isn’t enough to support the doctor in his life style.  In fact, the doctor seems to have had unending piles of cash.  Before the police can discover who killed David Rogers they have to figure out who David Rogers was.

The Bill Slider mysteries, straightforward police procedurals, are consistently good.  The author provides the clues and leads the reader along until the trail goes off in a different direction and the resolution sneaks up.

The books offer very funny lines.  Chapter titles are frequently puns but the best lines are saved for Superintendent Porson who provides an unending stream of malapropisms.  Some examples: ” I don’t like to see you jumping to collusions”, “Isn’t there any light at the end of the funnel?”, and “The press would have a picnic day if we went after a pillow of society like her.”

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