DEATH ECHO – Elizabeth Lowell

Gloria and Ted Feit are a husband and wife team who share reviewing duties.  Their reviews are posted on Amazon, Dorothy L,  I Love a Mystery, and, now, Murder By Type.

International intrigue is at the heart of the plot which joins Emma
Cross, former CIA operative and now with St. Kilda’s Consulting, and
Mackenzie Durand, former Special Ops leader, the only survivor of his
team in its last mission.  Now a transit captain, he picks up a brand
new yacht, the Blackbird, offloaded from a container ship to bring to
a small port where it is to be fitted out.  Meanwhile, Emma has been
looking for the yacht’s twin, the Black Swan, for an insurance company
since its disappearance.

The two are thrown together when all the intelligence agencies pick up
vibes of an impending terrorist act against a major U.S. urban center.
It is not known whether the threat is biological, chemical or
nuclear.  So Mackenzie becomes the captain of the Blackbird, with Emma
as “first mate,” on a voyage through the inland passageway on the West
Coast of Canada, ostensibly to bring the ship to its new owner.  It is
quite a trip.

The descriptions of the passageway, the tides, weather and
difficulties of steering a ship under various conditions are graphic
and exciting.  And despite all the dangers from the sea and
adversaries, love finds a way.

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