Ephron on Larsson

The June 28th edition of the  New Yorker carries a new episode of Steig Larsson’s MILLENIUM TRILOGY. Nora Ephron offers a new scene – THE GIRL WHO FIXED THE UMLAUT.  If you haven’t read any of Larsson’s books, you will find Ephron’s parody very funny.  If you have read them, you will enjoy it even more. Ephron has captured the tone and the cadence of the book perfectly.  Makes me wish this were a weekly article.

I thought of this article when I read the opening paragraph of Janet Maslin’s review of THREE SECONDS  in the New York Time.  I wrote the above paragraph when I posted this initially on June 28.  Even those who have not read Stieg Larsson will find Ephron very funny, as usual.

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8 Responses to Ephron on Larsson

  1. Congratulations, Beth! I love this blog, and I wish you all the success in the world. I will make sure people know about it, too.

    Meanwhile, re: Steig Larsson… I’m looking forward to Friday, when the film of THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE opens. I will be first in line!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you, Libby. It is a work in progress, the work being my daughter’s. She has never done anything like this before. I write and then leave the details in her hands.

      THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE is opening at our little theatre on July 9. My other daughter, who works in New York, is coming home the following weekend and she made me promise I would wait so we could see it together. She hasn’t read any of the books but she loved the first movie.

  2. Maine Colonial says:

    Beth, congratulations on your blog. I love it!

    This was such a fun article. I hadn’t heard of it before and enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting about it.

    All the best,

  3. lisa Baker says:

    I almost choked reading this parody.. Nora nailed it head on.. I read all three of the books but I remember about 1/3 of the way through the first book I hadn’t a clue if they were talking about a person, a street, some type of food etc. Thats what made me laugh so hard…. She is hysterical.. Thanks so much for including this on your blog. I sent it to my book club, they will crack up too!

    • Beth says:

      Lisa, I had the same reaction. My husband kept asking me what was so funny but I couldn’t talk. Her description of a ride through the city is brilliant.
      I wonder if Nora Ephron could be persuaded to do more of her version of Larsson’s books?


  4. kathy d. says:

    Ephron’s piece was hilarious. She is that way, even on tv interviews, always witty.

    Right after I read this, I was reading Indridasson’s book, “Hypothermia,” and came to a page with a paragraph that listed 14 Icelandic lake and town names. I sent it to a relative, who thought it was as funny as Ephron’s parody.

  5. Shouts and Murmurs is one of my favorite parts of “The New Yorker” because of the very sort of thing that Nora Ephron did. I think I’ll get a Kindle just to be able to download that magazine in Greece. The only way to get one now is by going through a New York tourist’s luggage…and if the initials are LS, well I need not tell you the risks that ent(r)ails.


    • Beth says:

      I am always astounded by your ability to play on words; unfortunately, I am blanking completely on LS so I am missing the real punchline.

      The Ephron piece is funny even without context but the list of place names has the same cadence Larsson used and he did go into extraordinary detail. But we all kept reading.

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