The list of authors and titles has been updated and can be found by clicking on the AUTHORS AND TITLES tab at the top of the page.  To date, the following authors have been reviewed on Murder By Type:

Paul Adam                       Annamaria Alfieri                           James Anderson

Robert Andrews             Brett Battles                                    Brunonia Barry

Dan Baum                        Benjamin Black                                Cara Black

Alan Bradley                    Grace Brophy                                  Ruth Brandon

Andrea Camilleri             David Carkeet                                 Paul Charles

James Church                  Gary Disher                                     Michael Allen Dymmoch

Martin Edwards              Ake Edwardson                              Dave Eggers

Gerald Elias                      Zoe Ferraris                                    Barbara Fister

Dick Francis                     Tana French                                   Leighton Gage

Michael Genelin               Michael Gilbert                              Robert Goddard

Bryan Gruley                    Timothy Hallinan                          Lyn Hamilton

John Harvey                      Michael Harvey                            Steve Havill

Libby Fischer Hellmann    William Heffernan                       Anne Holt

Declan Hughes                  Arnaldur Indridison                      P. D. James

Marshall Karp                   Brian Kavanagh                            Faye Kellerman

Jonathan Kellerman        Jim Kelly                                         Charles Kipps

Lenny Kleinfeld                 John Lawton                                   Dennis Lehane

Simon Lelic                        Donna Leon                                     Martin Limon

Peter Lovesey                   Tom Lowe                                       Jassy Mackenzie

Henning Mankell              Leo Marks                                        Peter May

Brian McGilloway            Tamar Myers                                  Jo Nesbo

Hakan Nesser                   Andrew Nugent                              Carol O’Connell

Brad Parks                        Sandra Parshalls                             Julie Parsons

Louise Penny                     Kwei Quartey                                  Qiu Xiaolong

Caro Ramsay                    Matt Beynon Rees                           Kathy Reichs

Michael Robotham          Chris Rose                                         Robert Rotenberg

Carlos Ruiz-Zafon            Leigh Russell                                     Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Jeffrey Siger                      Julia Spencer-Fleming                    Vikas Swarup

Michael Stanley               Jon Talton                                          Johan Theorin

James Thompson             Charles Todd                                     P. J. Tracy

Fred Vargas                       John Verdon                                     Dan Waddell

Jan Costin Wagner            Michelle Wan                                   Betty Webb

Jeri Westerson                   Richard Yancey

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  1. kathy d. says:

    Great list of authors. Now I have to set aside a substantial amount of time to really study the list. Several of my favorite authors are listed, but I’m sure I can find many more to try here, always good.

  2. Beth says:

    My goal is to be able to add an author and the book I reviewed to the list every day.

    My son and daughter, on different nights, showed me how to do it. They were very patient and I took notes. I missed a step somewhere. Maybe I can get one of them to show me again this week.

    However, my Apple-owning son may be strangled if he tells me again that the process in “intuitive.”

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