THE SIREN – Alison Bruce

“A fragment of her life was appearing on the television….she saw the wench, and the wreck of Nick’s car that now hung from its hook.  The car she had last seen when that same stretch of the Mediterranean sea had swallowed it….’ The vehicle was recovered last week after some divers reported that it appeared to contain human remains….The victim is named as former Cambridge man Nicholas Lewton, who had been living and working in Cartagena until his disappearance almost three years ago….this death is being treated as suspicious.’ ”

Kimberly Guyver had truly believed her life of running to be over.  But that filler on the news showed her, again, that she was never going to be safe.  The last time she ran, she didn’t have Riley.  Now when she runs away she’ll have a toddler to protect.  Rachel Golinski, her closest friend, saw the same news report.  Kimberly and Rachel had escaped from Spain together, had found homes where their back gardens touched, had believed they had outrun the danger, and had prepared contingency plans in case they had not.  Rachel was better prepared than Kimberly; Kimberly needed more than wanted security and stability.  Riley deserved nothing less.  Now Kimberly leaves Riley in Rachel’s care as she begins to erase her life.

DC Gary Goodhew is on a pub crawl with an old friend when he smells smoke.  As he runs toward the burning building, it virtually explodes.   No one could survive such a fire.  The house belongs to Rachel and Goodhew soon learns that Riley Guyver was with her.  As the Cambridge police investigates the motive behind what is definitely an arson, Kimberly is distraught yet unwilling to give the police any details regarding Rachel or their time in Spain.

When firefighters find only one set of remains, that of an adult female,  it is obvious that although Rachel died in the blaze, Riley Guyver has disappeared.

Kimberly Guyver is not as helpless as the police first believed.  There is something about Kimberly that does not ring true.  Goodhew, on enforced off duty status, earns Kimberly’s trust but is she using him to make her story more plausible?

The word “siren” has multiple meanings.  It is the definition of the device that creates an unmistakable noise that signals a warning.  In Greek mythology, sirens are sea nymphs who use their beautiful voices to lure sailors to their deaths on the rocky shores of their island.  And, the term is sometimes used to describe a beautiful and seductive woman.  As the title, the three definitions apply.  Goodhew hears sirens as he runs toward Rachel’s burning house.  Kimberly may have been the beautiful woman who played a role in Nick Lewton’s death on the rocks off the coast of Spain.  Kimberly is a beautiful and seductive woman who may be dangerous to all who fall under her spell.

In Great Britain, THE SIREN was published as KIMBERLY’S SONG.  The cover of the British publication reads,

“They thought the past was behind them but it was always somewhere ahead…WAITING”.

THE SIREN is an impossible book to put down.

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