CRYSTAL DEATH – Charles Kipps

Conor Bard had a dream.  He wanted to sign a contract with a record label, Sony perhaps.  Everyone who heard him sing knew he had the voice to make it big.  He and his group were good, very good.  He just needed to give up his day job and concentrate on his music.

Problem was that his day job took up so much of his time.  He was a detective in the New York Police Department assigned to the precinct that covered  the most high-profile areas of the city. Times Square, the Diamond District, all the Broadway theaters required special, and fast, response.

This night, his first in two months at the Rhythm Bar, ended far quicker than he had hoped.  When Sergeant Amanda Pitts walked into the bar, Conor knew that the day job had just become the night job.

A woman had been found dead in her loft at one of the most expensive and exclusive buildings in the city.  Zivah Gavish, an Israeli working in the diamond district, had been found dead, her throat cut.  The NYPD had to move fast on the case because the South African Police Service was already on the scene.

The New York police move quickly to make sure that this death is not tied into any blood diamonds.  It is not but it is tied into a very special diamond, a red diamond, rare and priceless.  Zivah Gavish was supposed to have the diamond in order to pass it on to the buyer but it is not in the safe or anywhere else in her apartment.

Before long, Conor finds himself caught up in issues of diplomatic immunity as Israel, Abu Dhabi, India, and South Africa make their roles known.  Zivah had negotiated the sale of the red diamond to a billionaire gem collector from Abu Dhabi.  It is believed that the stone was cut and polished in India. South Africa wants the diamond back because it was stolen from them.   Wouter Marwala is wanted by the South Africans because he doesn’t just deal in diamonds.  Drugs and counterfeit currency move out of South Africa along with diamonds.

Conor Bard and his partner, Rosita Rubio, are welcome additions to the stars of so many police procedurals.  The story moves quickly and it is a change to have a plot built around diamonds instead of drugs.  The cover calls the book, “A Conor Bard Mystery”, suggesting that this is the first of a series.  CRYSTAL DEATH keeps the gore and the violence off the page.  It is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

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