LYN HAMILTON – Archeology, Art, Artifacts, and Murder

Lyn Hamilton is the author of these very interesting, well-written mysteries that combine a murder, of course, with archeology in a variety of exotic settings.

Lara McClintock is as antiquities dealer in Toronto who is hired by someone very wealthy to get a piece of priceless art or artifact from someone who may or may not want to part with it.  Either the person who hires Lara or the person who she must meet in some place, generally off the beaten path, dies before Lara can complete her commission.

The books are formulaic and predictable and I have read and enjoyed all of them.  At one point not so long ago, I had three children in three different schools with three different pick-up times.  Hamilton’s books were perfect for those periods when there wasn’t enough time to do anything but read while waiting.  If a reader is looking for something quick that isn’t convoluted or complicated, Hamilton’s books are a pleasant reading experience.

Unfortunately, Lyn Hamilton died last year.  I am reasonably sure her books can be found in most libraries.

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