Maine Colonial offers us, again, a book few of us are likely to find as we browse out library’s shelves.

Way back in the 1980s, I read THE AFFAIR OF THE BLOODSTAINED EGG COSY and THE AFFAIR OF THE MUTILATED MINK, two confectionary revisits to the world of 1930s English house party murders. Poisoned Pen reissued these amusing titles a few years ago, and Anderson was inspired to write this third in the series. 

We return to Alderley, the estate of George Saunders, 12th Earl of Burford, and his wife, Lavinia. The occasion is the funeral reception and will-reading for Lord Burford’s ancient cousin, Florrie Saunders. Given that Alderley was the scene of the murders in EGG COSY and MUTILATED MINK, Lord Burford was extremely reluctant to have anyone stay at Alderley ever again, but he is persuaded to host his extended family of cousins for one night.

Florrie’s will is an entertainment in itself, for us and the family, as she has instructed her solicitor to lighten the mood before the reading by insisting everyone sing “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.” She has inserted editorial comments to several of her bequests and even one practical joke. The family has relaxed and all seems well until we get to the measly 100 pounds Florrie leaves to her daughter-in-law Clara. A terrible scene ensues, and that night one of the guests is murdered. Inspector Wilkins returns to solve the case.

This entry in the series wasn’t quite up to the standard of the earlier two titles, but it was still a lot of fun and it was a pleasure to meet Lord and Lady Burford and Inspector Wilkins again. I highly recommend this series; ideally to be read in order.

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