The webmaster took on the tedious task of attaching links to the book titles.  Now there is list of books and authors arranged alphabetically by author.  Click on the title of the book and the review will appear.

This is going to be a constant, never ending work in progress.  There may be a lag of a few days between the review being posted and the book and author being listed in the directory.  We are making short strides toward organization and ease of use.

Today’s post is #99; I had no idea there were so many.  There will be a page eventually that will list the posts that were not book reviews but were, in some way, connected with books.

So click on the tab marked AUTHORS AND BOOK TITLES at the top of the page and the lists will appear.

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  1. janebbooks says:

    Hello Beth! Did you get my email yesterday. I so desperately wanted to post on your Benjamin Black review. Why don’t you copy your ELEGY FOR APRIL review on Amazon to your blog? It was a great review. And to my way of thinking CHRISTINE FALLS and THE SILVER SWAN are just introductions to the mighty Quirke!
    Read CHRISTINE and SILVER first and save ELEGY FOR DESSERT.

    (Okay, a bit of spoiler here!) I think Black/Banville is setting up a competition between Isabella and Phoebe. There has to be a Quirke #4!)


    • Beth says:

      Jane, I’m not sure to which page you are referring.

      As to the comments, I just did a random check of reviews and some do not have the word “comment” at the end of the post. I went back to edit and each one did have the box marked so that comments could be made. I will check with my daughter tonight; it might be a WordPress problem

      ELEGY FOR APRIL was reviewed on the blog on July 30. It is on the list with Benjamin Black’s name on the new page. There will be a review of CHRISTINE FALLS and THE SILVER SWAN tomorrow.

  2. janebbooks says:

    Beth, have your daughter set up Benjamin Black’s blog and READ IT!
    It is so clever.


  3. Beth says:

    Jane – Thanks for the information about Benjamin Black’s blog. It was interesting and the interview with Quirke was clever. I found the information about Quirke was true to the way he is presented in the books.

    On his website, Kwei Quartey has an interview with himself about writing. Kwei interviews Quartey and the interview provides some interesting insights. The physician and the writer combine to produce a very interesting author.


  4. janebbooks says:

    Beth, Kwei Quartey’s interview with himself was so funny. THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE TERMITE HILL. Everyone on the just expired NBIE II thread loved it. And several ordered his book. I copied it from MURDER BY TYPE and gave you credit. Where did you find it!


  5. Beth says:

    I am a subscriber to Kwei’s blog so THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE TERMITE HILL was a gift directly from the author.

  6. David Murphy says:

    For a refreshing review of Benjamin Black’s The Silver Swan, click on

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