MARY, MARY – Julie Parsons

“You could say it began with a phone call.  After all, that’s the way most cases begin.  And you’d wonder then, looking back, whether there was anything about it that warned you, that reached out and grabbed you, that said, Hold on a minute, this is serious….but at the time it was just another anxious mother.  Worried, embarrassed.  Not sure she should be phoning.  Not sure if she was doing the right thing.  Her fear turning to anger.”  So begins MARY, MARY by Julie Parsons, a book that explores the bond between mother and child.

Margaret Mitchell and her daughter, Mary, have recently returned to Ireland.  Margaret  moved to New Zealand  when her husband died,  just after Mary was born.  Margaret and David had made their plans for a life away from Ireland and Margaret saw no reason not to continue on, doing what David wanted.   She is a highly successful psychiatrist, an expert in women’s health issues, an author of books on domestic violence, a media star, photogenic and seemingly accessible.  For twenty years she has been living  the life she built for herself and her daughter, that is  until the call from Ireland, her mother telling her she must come home.  Catherine is dying and wants her only child and her only grandchild by her side.

Mary has adjusted easily,  quickly establishing a circle of friends,  and Margaret is grateful that her daughter is happy.  Then one night, Mary leaves the house to meet them and she doesn’t return.  Forty-eight hours after Mary walked out the door, Margaret receives an anonymous phone call.  Margaret worked for years in a hospital for the criminally insane.  She recognizes insanity  when she hears it and she knows Mary won’t be coming home.

A week later, a dog finds Mary’s body, wrapped in plastic on a river bank.  Margaret’s terror turns to stone cold anger.

Then the cat and mouse game begins.  Mary’s killer contacts Margaret and they begin a relationship, he thinking  he is in control, Margaret knowing he is not.  The roles of cat and mouse are reversed.

Margaret is a master at manipulating the mind.  How far can a mother go when a child is murdered?  When does love become obsession?  Who is really destroyed when revenge is the reason to continue living?

MARY, MARY captures the reader from the very first sentence.

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4 Responses to MARY, MARY – Julie Parsons

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  2. dene says:

    what did margaret does as a revenge?

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