Murder is Everywhere

Tim Hallinan, the author of THE QUEEN OF PATPONG, is the Sunday blogger for Murder is Everywhere. Today he writes about the process of writing, especially this new book due on the shelves August 17.

I have read the three previous books in the Poke Rafferty series and they are not to be missed.  Before August 17, readers have time to meet Poke, Rose, and Miaow in NAIL THROUGH THE HEART (reviewed on this blog), THE FOURTH WATCHER, and BREATHING WATER.

Murder is Everywhere is a blog that shouldn’t be missed either. The bloggers write wonderful insights into the customs and cultures of the countries in which they set their books.  Tim Hallinan (Thailand) posts on Sunday, Leighton Gage (Brazil) posts on Monday, Cara Black (Paris) on Tuesday, Yrsa Sigurdardottir (Iceland) on Wednesday, Michael Stanley (Botswana) on Thursday, and Dan Waddell (England) on Friday.  I have posted a review of one of their books on this blog.  More reviews of their other books will appear in the future.  Sometimes, on Saturday, there is a guest blogger.  This past Saturday the blog post was written by Brett Battles, the author of THE CLEANER, set in many places.

As I wrote in the ABOUT section of this blog, my goal in doing it is to bring to the attention of ardent readers of mysteries the names of writers who don’t get the attention they deserve.  Getting a book published is difficult.  Tim describes, eloquently, what motivates a writer to write, and the agony of self-doubt that arises from trying to make what is so clear to the author equally clear to the reader.  If I find a writer I believe in, I want others to have the chance to believe in the author, too.

Murder is Everywhere is the first thing I read every morning.  Take a look and sign on as a “follower”.  Let others know about the great writers you have discovered.

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2 Responses to Murder is Everywhere

  1. Beth
    How very kind of you to mention our blog.
    And to recommend it.
    Thank You!

  2. Timothy Hallinan says:

    Beth —

    What can I say, except thanks?
    I can’t tell you how I appreciate it.


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